1. date
    dating (дієприкметник теперішнього часу)
    1. establish or ascertain the date of (an object or event):
      "they date the paintings to 1460–70"
      синоніми: assign a date to ·
      establish/determine/ascertain the date of · put a date on/to · establish/determine/ascertain the age of · carbon-date
      • mark with a date:
        "sign and date the document"
        синоніми: become old-fashioned · become outmoded ·
        become obsolete · become dated · show its age
      • (date fromback to)
        originate at a particular time; have existed since:
        "the controversy dates back to 1986"
        синоніми: was made in · was built in · was created in ·
        came into being in · bears the date of · originates in · comes from · belongs to · goes back to · has existed since
    2. reveal (someone) as being old-fashioned:
      "jazzy—does that word date me?"
    3. go out with (someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested):
      "my sister's pretty judgemental about the girls I date" ·
      "they have been dating for more than a year"
      синоніми: go out with · take out · go around with · go with ·
      be involved with · be romantically linked with · see · court · woo · go steady with · step out with · track square with
    Middle English: via Old French from medieval Latin data, feminine past participle of dare ‘give’; from the Latin formula used in dating letters, data (epistola) ‘(letter) given or delivered’, to record a particular time or place.
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